About me

Welcome to my personal space! I am a Computer Engineer graduate from the Polytechnic of Turin, having completed my degree in 2016. My professional journey has taken me through various roles in IT, banking, and insurance sectors, working as a consultant for both small and large companies.

I have a solid background in the software development lifecycle, primarily focusing on application design and development in the .NET environment. My experience includes working with .NET Core, Entity Framework, .NET Framework, SqlServer, and Azure DevOps. I'm also familiar with Scrum methodologies. Additionally, I have recently begun exploring front-end development, particularly with Reactjs. This combination of backend and frontend skills allows me to contribute effectively to a variety of IT projects.

This site is my playground for enhancing and showcasing new skills. Here, I share my personal projects 🔨, insightful articles 📰 or just ideas 💡.

Beyond the digital realm, I am a football enthusiast, a movie and series buff 🍿 and a passionate chess player . My chess journey has been fulfilling, leading me to international competitions, including the 2006 Turin Olympics games and reaching a peak with the Fide Master title in 2014. I look forward to sharing more about this fascinating game!

Feel free to explore my site and reach out for collaborations or discussions. Let's connect and create something amazing!